Sichtbar Wohlfuehlen. Aesthetische Zahnfleischbehandlungen.

…with ozone

Oxygen is a substance without which we cannot exist. Ozone is trivalent oxygen and its decomposition products are naturally re-used by the human organism. In medicine ozone has been used for a long time i.e. in autohaemotherapy or for sterilizing instruments. Although it is not lethal to human or animal cells, ozone is absolutely deadly to bacteria, fungi and viruses, without generating resistance in them. Ozone is a gas, which allows it access to places that cannot be reached by liquids. Therefore ozone is far better than other techniques use for germ-reduction in caries and root-canal treatments. Small caries lesions can be sterilized and mineralized to heal caries. Thus, by using this method, we avoid drilling away additional dental tissue. Not only children love the treatment without the dental drill.