Sichtbar Wohlfuehlen. Aesthetische Zahnfleischbehandlungen.


The market offers an endless variety of oral hygiene products. Which tooth paste, which inter-dental brush, which mouthwash and which tongue cleaner is the right one? Shall I use a manual toothbrush or better an electric one? And which one? What is the best concept for me? Should I have my teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis and if so, is an additional dental insurance still useful? Only after all your questions have been answered do we begin to deepen our investigation. We explain to you how to avoid headache, what you can do against snoring, why you have vertigo when hanging up curtains and how you can find out whether you are allergic to metal located in your mouth. Prevention means to avert any disease. Even placing a self-dissolving membrane over a bone lesion improves the conditions for applying prosthesis. The bone will be protected by a faster growing mucous membrane and will be bulkier. We know why you cannot taste anything with your new upper jaw prosthesis and why your frontal sinus is constantly blocked.