Sichtbar Wohlfuehlen. Aesthetische Zahnfleischbehandlungen.

PDC, Professional Dental Cleaning

The purpose of professional dental cleaning is to determine the degree and consequences of the bacterial colonization in the patient’s dental pockets and dental surfaces; to completely remove the bio film on the tooth surface, as well as over and under the gum and between the teeth; and to polish the dental surface in order to impede bacterial colonization. If this happens periodically, diseases caused by bacteria have no chance and the teeth, as well as the gum, stay healthy on a long-term basis. This treatment is not only beneficial to the mouth: bacteria are transferred via the dental pouches into the blood and removing the bio- film has a positive effect on diseases like atherosclerosis, strokes or preterm births. When the bacteria enter the blood, the risk of getting such a disease increases 2 – 7 fold.