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Exposed dental necks

Exposed dental necks, v-formed defects and large grooves in the dental-neck area can have different causes. Even though most patients are accused of incorrect tooth brushing, we consider mechanical stress the most common cause for dental- neck decays. With dental neck problems, the gum does not bleed or show deep pockets and the teeth at times react sensitive and at others insensitive to hot/cold and sweet/sour stimuli. A further cause of more extensive dental neck problems may be excessive exposure to acid, i.e. due to reflux of gastric acid into the mouth. Detecting and eliminating the cause can prevent further tooth decay. Covering the exposed area with fillings is often not recommended and excessive fluoridation can prove to be detrimental to the iodine metabolism of the thyroid gland. A plastic microsurgical covering of the gum-defect with mucous membrane has to be critically discussed, as the danger of recidivism is too high; however it is, in some cases, possible.