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Root-canal treatment

An extracted tooth leaves a gap. This tooth gap should not be left as it is, but packed with an implant, a dental bridge or a removable dental prosthesis to avoid a shifting of the teeth and a modification in the bite. But, not every aching tooth has to be extracted. With proper treatment of the canals inside, the tooth can remain functional for many years. To assure this, it is necessary to find and to clean all canal parts. Under the operation microscope all tissue parts and inflammation remainders are removed with the help of highly flexible nickel- titanium rasps and various cleansing solutions. After this, the now accessible canal system will be closed in various steps beginning at the root tip to the channel entrance with heated, natural rubber. The ingenuity of this method becomes clear if you bear in mind that the entrance to this canal system is less than a square millimetre wide. Reward for this effort is an ache-free tooth, which will last for many years to come.