Behandlung mit Biss. Kraftvoll zubeissen.


If the decayed tissue has been removed as discriminately as possible, no further healthy hard tooth structure has to be removed in order to create a firm holding- mould for the chosen treatment. In contrast to other treatment materials, i.e. gold- inlays, composite is not clamped but bonded with adhesives. It is applied in soft form into the decayed area, which enables us to fill even hard to access cavities. Following exposure to UV-light the material reaches its final hardness within seconds. Composite can be processed in different colour layers. Due to this, we can create a colour identical to your natural tooth colour. Fibreglass reinforcements stabilize i.e. areas with small cracks. The elasticity is similar to the inner sections of the natural tooth, whereas the hardness comes very close to the tooth’s enamel. Even defect areas exposed to chewing pressure at premolar and molar teeth, as well as broken frontal teeth corners, can be filled using this method.