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…trigeminal neuralgia

The trigeminus is a large, paired facial nerve, which serves to control one half of the face. The nerve endings branch out like twigs of a tree; they are bundled in thicker branches and are joined up in a stem, which is connected to the brain. If one tooth is inflamed, it is often difficult for the patient to identify the exact tooth. The side is clear, but whether this tooth is located in the upper (maxilla) or lower jaw (mandible) is not easy to say. This is because the nerve only informs the brain of the major branch in which the problem is located, but cannot differentiate between the individual braces. Therefore an irritation in a chewing muscle can be miss-recognized as dental pain. If in such a situation the tooth is treated, failure is inevitable. The points that generate pain at a different area when irritated are called trigger- points. In case of severe pain, the nerve will be soothed in collaboration with a pain- therapist. If the treatment is started at a late stage it may take weeks to achieve a pain-free condition.