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Tinnitus can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes you will only notice a swishing noise, at other times you a pulsating sound or a continuous tone. Other people do, however, not notice all these sounds. In case of the objective tinnitus the otolaryngologist can hear a sound in the ear canal with a stethoscope. In this case the bloodstream in a vessel causes the sound. Subjective tinnitus on the other hand can only be heard by the patient. The earlier tinnitus is treated the better is the chance to heal it. This however does not mean that success cannot be achieved after months or years of suffering from this disease. Improvements can be made after the otolaryngologist has completed his treatment and if there are no neurological problems. This treatment, however, is only possible if there has been no irreversible tissue damage. But even then it should be determined what caused the tinnitus to occur in the first place and whether a progression of its source will worsen the symptom.