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…tension headache

In many cases tense neck muscles are causing the tension headache. Occasional short-term tension does not require treatment. Chronic pain, however, does; when left untreated, more and more symptoms occur. Patients often do not associate these symptoms with neck tension. Patients might experience different symptoms such as difficulties in focussing their eyes, vertigo, or even a tickling sensation in the fingers (mostly in the small and the ring finger). These are symptoms, which originate in neck muscle tensions. Often the antagonistic muscles also suffer from this tension. A muscle pulling in one direction due to a tension forces its antagonistic muscle to pull just as hard into the opposite direction and to tense as well. Neck muscles are the antagonistic muscles of the chewing muscles. Therefore both muscle groups should be treated simultaneously to achieve a stabile result. A close collaboration between physiotherapist, osteopath, orthopaedic specialist and dentist, is essential for this treatment to succeed.