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…other symptoms

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common symptom. Nightly hypertension, in particular, is attributed to the grinding or pressing of the teeth. It is scientifically proven that teeth grinding (bruxism) leads to a raise of blood pressure of 20 %, in some cases even more.

Many patients suffer from the so-called globus or lump in the throat sensation. The famous frog in the throat is a feeling of tightness, which in a case of CMD is caused by overstrained cervical dental muscles that can also cause difficulties in swallowing and a stinging tongue.

Aside from the major symptoms the patient hardly notices a series of side indications like hearing problems or ear pain. Even trismus, mouth-opening restrictions and clicking snapping or grinding of the jaw joint occurs frequently. Neck and back pain are commonly not regarded as disease symptoms, but considered “normal”. Dental neck problems and the interrelated sensitivity of the teeth to cold stimuli are mistakenly attributed to incorrect tooth brushing techniques, and retracting gums to alleged periodontitis instead of excessive stress.