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…migraine and cluster headache

Migraine and cluster headache are very strong and distressing headaches. They appear in attacks and occur in conjunction with further symptoms. The migraine is often accompanied by nausea and the cluster headache is often single-sided around the eye and above the ear. However, tension headache also can cause nausea and extend to the eye. Furthermore all kinds of headache can occur in combination. This complicates the diagnosis. Because of this it would help to determine the kind of headache you are suffering from by presenting you with a list of symptoms here. It is vital to understand that chronic headaches not only reduce the quality of life but, if untreated, can deteriorate over time. A migraine might result in a depression, due to restructuring in the brain. The goal of our therapies is to reduce musculature stress in order to relieve tension from the cranial bone and nerves. It is our aim to ease or even eliminate your pains and discomforts, preferably without medication.