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Not only white cosmetics

Metal-free restorations are more beautiful and healthier. With the use of full-ceramic and special injected synthetic materials we are able to carry out almost any treatment without metal. Inlays, crowns or bridges and even removable prosthesis can be designed metal-free. If you are undergoing treatment with an alternative therapist, who is detoxifying your body and cleansing it from metals, it is however advisable to have the materials tested prior to the treatment. We will provide you with all necessary material samples.

Teeth that are discoloured because of pharmaceuticals or mineralization disturbance are often so dark, that patients rarely laugh or hold their hand in front of the mouth when they do. A mild bleaching can often resolve this problem, so there is no need for fillings or veneers. Even root-treated teeth can be bleached from inside and can be stabilized by a metal-free, light-conducting fibreglass post. With this procedure they are treated, statically and cosmetically, in the best possible way.

Small gaps, abraded or chipped corners as well as slightly turned teeth compromise aesthetic harmony. Small alterations can have a significant impact. Treating this problem is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also be functional and useful. In some cases it can even maintain or restore health. There is no need to ground down teeth or damage them in any other way. They will only be treated with an adhesive bond – synthetic or ceramic.