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Not only red cosmetics

Healthy gum tissue is just as important as healthy teeth – for your looks and for your health. On the one hand bacteria cause constant gum tissue irritation. Bleeding after extensive gum tissue treatment is often a result of problems with the digestive tract. On the other hand it is possible that a crown or filling is too close to the bone, leading to permanent bone irritation. Scientists call the necessary distance between bone and this foreign material the biologic width. There are fixed values for this distance, which should not be undercut. If the damage to a tooth requires a solution that undercuts this distance, one solution for a inflammation-free gum tissue would be to transfer the bone by a few tenths of a millimetre. This procedure can also help to correct a “gummy smile“- i.e. too much gum tissue is visible when smiling or laughing. Gingival recession can also be covered by microsurgical techniques, if the underlying conditions are favourable and its source has been treated appropriately.